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(not) a mushroom ceremony...


Set and setting is an immersive celebration.

A psychedelic experience that will crack you open.

Time to let your freak flag fly.

...It's much more.

Silk Texture

The S&S Formula


The key foundation of any psychedelic experience. Meditation, breathwork, and an improvised sound bath. Ensuring a smooth ‘take off’.



Now we’re flying. Let's get used to this altitude. Creative exercises. Play. Movement. Get comfortable in your body



At this point the experience takes on a life of its own. Imagine a dance party where everyone is going bananas… It's like that.

Pink Smoke




A key ingredient of Set and Setting is guiding you towards a present and peaceful mind(set). This takes place through the live performance, featuring a collaboration of skilled musicians who blend electronic synthesizers and acoustic instruments to create a mesmerizing exploration of musical textures. Over time, the ambient frequencies transform into a more energetic vibe that will get your booty bouncing.




The setting part of Set and Setting is the other half of the experience (literally). Taking place in a geodesic dome, a spherical structure straight from the future, this space is ideal for such a psychedelic  experience. The dome's unique framework naturally creates a harmonious energy that is both cozy and fully immersive.

Sand Dunes


Is it required to take mushrooms at Set and Setting?

No! The experience itself is inherently psychedelic. That being said, we will offer further information regarding the use of mushrooms after you complete the initial screening questionnaire.

Why is there a pre-screening application?

Given the psychedelic nature of this experience, we want to ensure that everyone is in the right headspace to participate.

What do I need to bring?

  • Comfortable and warm clothes

  • A yoga mat

  • A water bottle

  • A pillow and blanket

  • A Journal and pen

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