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Fella Fiesta

Just dudes being dudes

Alright Fellas,

It's happening. The Fella Fiesta is taking place in the high desert of Idyllwild. This is not your average ‘men's retreat’. Whilst those have their time and place, Fella Fiesta is more so a container for men to creatively express themselves and build genuine friendships. Dont get me wrong, part of the weekend will focus on strengthening communication amongst men and deepening our emotional intelligence. But this isnt one of those overly intense, heavy experiences. Nah. Let’s take some mushrooms, laugh a ton, and forget about the chaos of regular life for a few days. Just dudes being dudes.

What to expect


Breathwork, sound baths, and meditation. Stay grounded


Forge meaningful friendships with like minded men


The trippy kind. Microdose or regular dose. Not required


We’re hiking one of the most beautiful areas of SoCal


Based around leadership, emotional intelligence, and communication


Let’s get weird and lean into the absurdity of the human experience

The Deets


Friday, November 10 @ 7pm
Sunday November 12 @ 11am


54664 Falling Leaf Drive
Idyllwild-Pine Cove, CA 92549

What to bring:

- Journal and pens
- Hiking shoes
- Headlamp
- Cushions/pillows for seating (at least 3 if possible)
- Blankets (at least 1)
- Warm clothes
- Bathing suit (there's a hot tub)
- Water bottles (bring a few)
- Hiking backpack


The two provided meals are breakfast on Saturday morning and dinner on Saturday night, with light snacks in between. On Sunday morning we will dip into town and grab a breakfast after checking out of the airbnb. It is encouraged you grab dinner on your way up to Idyllwild and bring additional snacks if you want. 


The opportunity to unplug is a major part of this experience, so for that reason we ask that you only use phones during breaks in between activities. We will have a professional photographer on site in order to capture moments and memories from the trip. 


The goal for this retreat is to break even on expenses. We are asking for $250 up front to cover the costs. Whatever money is not spent will be divided and go back to you. Please venmo @robert-capelluto to reserve your spot. We only have 10 spots so rsvp asap! 

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