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I'm Rob.


My passion in life is to create. I love the process of taking a concept and turning it into a reality through all sorts of mediums from music, to visual art, and of course Product Design. These disciplines were combined whilst at university where I created my own interdisciplinary major that included courses in Entrepreneurship, Product Design, and Music Business. Shortly after graduating university I decided to pursue my dream of building a startup in the music industry that was eventually called Dubseed.


My experiences working with startups, agencies, and companies of all shapes and sizes have taught me a unique set of diverse skills. I have applied experiences working alongside a team in lean environments whilst communicating internally and externally with clients. Additionally, I have seen products through multiple iterations, teaching me to think long term about a products evolution, and how to adjust the Product Design process according to growth.

In 2018 Dubseed was acquired by a company called Stemit. Since that time, I have worked closely with their team to assist in integrating the two products, and have also worked with many agencies and companies on various Product Design projects. As I continue to learn and grow, my core goals and ambitions remain the same: to build intuitive and innovative products made with great attention to detail.

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